Case Studies


Optimization Support for Maritim Hotels’ Website


Maritim Hotels is based in Germany and operates 50 hotels worldwide. The hotel chain is known for its large conference and meeting facilities which are being expanded internationally. H2c has a tight working relationship with Maritim since h2c’s foundation in 2001, providing support in the areas of channel optimization and for strategic projects.



Before we started developing our mobile website, h2c supported us with valuable information and recommendations, which were all integrated into our planning process. With this, we gained more security in the conception phase and saved time.

Katrin Lindemann, Director Marketing


Maritim initially approached h2c to provide more insights on best practices and potential optimization of its mobile website. Over the course of the project, h2c was assigned to also support Maritim’s full website usability and content optimization.

  1. Identification of best practices including features and functionalities for mobile and full website
  2. Clarification of usability issues across different devices and browsers
  3. Content display optimization for targeting all consumer groups
  • Full review of mobile website on different devices including test booking
  • Full review of the full website for different target groups 
  • Identification of website optimization areas in terms of usability and technical errors
  • Quick resolution of all critical usability problems
  • Reduced development time based on best practice examples (clear guideline for functionality development)
  • Data from h2c’s Distribution Benchmark was used to define Maritim’s website KPIs