2024 Direct Booking Acceleration Study

Our 2024 study “Hotel Direct Booking Acceleration” has kicked off. Thank you for providing your insights via our survey to help the industry better understand direct booking strategies and tactics, as well as emerging trends. We are now in the process of evaluation and will release our Tech Report in November. Stay tuned!

We thank our sponsors Amadeus Hospitality, Cendyn, dailypoint, D-EDGE, ErmesHotels, Oracle Hospitality, Profitroom, P3 Hotel Software, SHR, Thynk and Zucchetti for making this study possible. We also thank our partners ExploreTECH, hospitality INSIDE, HSMA and IHA for their support.


  • Increase of Online Direct bookings over the next 2-3 years and necessary tools
  • Required functionalities from systems supporting and driving Online Direct bookings for hotel chains:
    • Internet Booking Engine/ Central Systems
    • Apps
    • CRM/ CRS integration
    • Guest profile handling
    • Personalization / Decision engines and other website features
    • Guest Portals
    • Loyalty/Membership program trends & achievements
    • Ancillary Sales / Retailing
    • Other
  • Competitive edge vs. indirect online channels and the hotel chain’s capability of competing
  • Pros and Cons of membership programs vs. loyalty programs and their impact on increasing Online Direct bookings
  • How can Artificial Intelligence support the Direct Booking growth trend? What functionalities are requested by hotel chains?


  • Insights on market specifics, hotel chain needs and industry viewpoints
  • Identification of typical challenges including ideas to overcome these deficiencies
  • Description of today’s strategic issues
  • Recognition of innovative and upcoming solutions
  • Overview of actionable tasks for serving general, key market requirements
  • Strategic implications by region and hotel chain size buckets
  • Extensive promotional activities
  • Benefits for the hospitality industry:
    • Hotel chain survey participants receive an in-depth Executive Summary and
    • All global hotels have access to the press release/public Industry Tech Report