Hospitality Technology Consulting


Our long standing expertise in online marketing and travel distribution technology has resulted in customized strategy services which cover nearly all facets of Sales & Marketing. Together with our clients, we develop hotel distribution strategies that increase conversion and profitability.


  • Growing online direct business, while reducing dependency on intermediaries
  • Highlighting market trends, which are directional for your mid to long-term hotel strategy
  • Optimizing your existing technology system landscape and change management support
  • Providing online marketing guidance e.g., for GDS, website, Google or meta search sites
  • Support in aligning operational procedures e.g., data handling or set-up of brand standards


Make use of our hotel technology expertise for outsourcing your RFP process to find the right CRM provider.

We help you define the detailed criteria required for sourcing a perfect CRS solution, making sure you find the most suitable solution.

PMS criteria definition, selection of vendor companies, managing vendor questions and analysing responses – h2c can support you throughout the whole RFP process.

Website RFP
Are you planning a website relaunch? We can help you to find the right agency by managing the overall RFP process, supported by our industry knowledge.

IBE Optimization
If you aim to improve your conversion rate, make sure the right features are available on your IBE – our IBE Check covers it.

GDS Content Optimization
This optimization maximises your GDS content quality, utilizing all (limited) GDS possibilities.

OTA Content Optimization
This check ensures a correct dynamic and static content display on your most important OTA channels.