2024 Direct Booking Acceleration Study

Our new study about “Hotel Direct Booking Acceleration” will be launching in spring 2024. Contact us to become a sponsor and learn more.


  • Increase of Online Direct bookings over the next 2-3 years and necessary tools
  • Required functionalities from systems supporting and driving Online Direct bookings for hotel chains:
    • Internet Booking Engine/ Central Systems
    • Apps
    • CRM/ CRS integration
    • Guest profile handling
    • Personalization / Decision engines and other website features
    • Guest Portals
    • Loyalty/Membership program trends & achievements
    • Ancillary Sales / Retailing
    • Other
  • Competitive edge vs. indirect online channels and the hotel chain’s capability of competing
  • Pros and Cons of membership programs vs. loyalty programs and their impact on increasing Online Direct bookings
  • How can Artificial Intelligence support the Direct Booking growth trend? What functionalities are requested by hotel chains?


  • Insights on market specifics, hotel chain needs and industry viewpoints
  • Identification of typical challenges including ideas to overcome these deficiencies
  • Description of today’s strategic issues
  • Recognition of innovative and upcoming solutions
  • Overview of actionable tasks for serving general, key market requirements
  • Strategic implications by region and hotel chain size buckets
  • Extensive promotional activities
  • Benefits for the hospitality industry:
    • Hotel chain survey participants receive an in-depth Executive Summary and
    • All global hotels have access to the press release/public Industry Tech Report