Changing consumer behavior and the use of different electronic devices throughout the entire customer journey has increased the pressure for hoteliers to employ much deeper integrated solutions for operations, distribution management and guest interactions during the Pre-Stay, Stay and Post-Stay phases.

Explore which hotel property management solutions the market offers today. This requires defining your future strategy including data collection requirements, marketing activities, resource planning, process optimization and other requirements such as data security and hosting solutions e.g., cloud-based.


  • Assessment of business needs and processes
  • Incorporating PMS market trends and typical industry needs
  • Preparation of detailed RFP specification and briefing documents 
  • Specification of interface requirements to existing systems 
  • RFP coordination e.g., system provider briefing
  • RFP evaluation and short listing of vendors
  • Coordination of provider presentations
  • Presentation of vendor performance, highlighting strengths and weaknesses as well as cost-benefits of each system
  • Generation of project plan and coordination of all involved parties
  • Definition and communication of hotel chain standards


  • Strategy definition workshop 
  • Compilation of client’s team feedback into one requirement document
  • Development of complete RFP documentation e.g., including customer’s system landscape, excel spread sheet with detailed criteria to be fulfilled, cost sheet template, etc.
  • In-depth system/provider analysis 
  • Presentation including key findings and recommendations