GDS Content Optimization


Despite periodical fluctuations, GDSs continue to hold a portion of all hotel revenue. GDSs are instrumental for hotels to secure and increase corporate business. They usually also achieve higher ADRs than other electronic channels. To gain more visibility for travel agents – and maximize revenue –, targeted, correct, consistent and easy searchable GDS content and availability are prerequisites.

h2c’s GDS content optimization services can help you optimize hotel content displayed in the GDS systems. Meeting travel agents’ search behavior and expectations results in more profitable corporate bookings.

Based on h2c’s numerous client projects, GDS content failure rates often average between 20 and 30 percent, depending on the frequency of checks.


  • Hotel name and address
  • Hotel description
  • Hotel features
  • Hotel location and distances including IATA codes
  • Rate strategy and analysis
  • Room and rate descriptions
  • Tax descriptions
  • Policies (cancellation, guarantee, accepted forms of payment, commission, additional fees and other information)
  • Total Pricing
  • Listing of hotel under searchable amenities
  • Image range and quality in all GDSs


  • Summary of h2c’s findings in an Excel file
  • Screenshots where appropriate
  • Post-implementation check
  • Optional: Implementation coordination with the hotel and CRS provider