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Typical Project Flow


1. Kick-off Call

Exchange of project goals, status-quo and metho­dology.


2. Conception

Conceptual phase includes design of documents e.g., vendor speci­fications.


3. Analysis

Compilation and evaluation of received documents e.g., functionality vs. cost.


4. Decision Making

Presentation of results, discussion of options and alignments.


5. Support

Post decision analysis alignments and ongoing support e.g., implemen­ation checks.

 Case Studies


Conttessa eases TIME Hotels’ content management process.


h2c’s long-term assistance of Penta Hotels’ Online Reputation Management.



With h2c, we were able to streamline our PMS (property management system) requirements and identify the optimal vendor company.

Lena Neitzel, Project Manager Hotelsoftware


Efficient, professional, saving time.

Natalya Gavrilyuk, Revenue and Reservation Manager, Grand Hotel Europe