The variety of hotel reservation system choices is a blessing and a curse at the same time as it provides new opportunities, but also raises even more questions concerning how to maximize the CRS provider’s offers.

In fact, practice has proven that finding an appropriate Hotel Reservation System provider is, in particular, very complex, requires a lot of time and calls for specific knowledge. Altogether, these issues commonly lead to an overload of internal resources. 

To avoid these pitfalls, h2c has identified a number of key considerations and questions that should be incorporated in every decision-making process. We offer the following support services, and even more if required, which range from strategy definition and implementation support to training and ongoing performance optimization.


  • Assessment of business needs, taking the current and future hotel portfolio and relevant market trends into consideration
  • Specification of functionalities, scope of services, terms and conditions based on the conceptual design phase
  • Identification of interface requirements to existing systems and determination of depth of integration
  • RFP coordination (e.g., system provider briefing)
  • Provider assessment in terms of functionalities/services and cost
  • Consolidation and evaluation of initial RFP responses and adjustment of proposals
  • Short listing according to the defined specifications and coordination of provider presentations
  • Presentation of results, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses as well as cost-benefits of each provider
  • Content setup, definition and communication of standards to the hotels
  • Assistance with rate strategy and implementation
  • Training as required
  • Implementation guidance (e.g., set-up of data loading forms, follow-up with hotels and provider company)
  • Pre-cutover content checks e.g., CRS data
  • Availability checks on cutover date for all required channels
  • System testing and acceptance 


  • Comprehensive analysis of client’s channel performance and proposal of performance improvement options
  • Identification of customer requirements and development of a RFP specification document
  • In-depth system/provider and benchmark analyses
  • Presentation including key findings and recommendations
  • Implementation of selected system and post implementation services