Website RFP


The hotel’s website always competes with OTAs from a consumer’s point of view. Even though a hotel website should not be designed in an OTA style, consumers expect a similar easy and straight forward user experience. The own website is very important for the hotel’s profitability and should be promoted where and whenever possible. Successfully competing with OTAs starts with unique content that is not available from any other third party.

We make sure all future trends along the customer journey are included on the new hotel website, be it from inspirational features, personalized content displays to guest review integration. 


  • Analysis of hotel chain’s web and e-marketing strategy
  • Assessment of business needs, taking relevant market trends into consideration
  • Evaluation of actual hotel website turnover figures and statistics
  • Specification of requirements according to the defined hotel website strategy and e-marketing plan (functionalities, scope of services, etc.)
  • Assessment of the functionalities and services provided by the web agency as well as cost evaluation and vendor short listing
  • RFP coordination (e.g., agency briefing and project support)
  • RFP evaluation of shortlisted vendors and adjustment of proposals 
  • Coordination of web agency presentations
  • H2c presentation of final evaluation results, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses as well as cost and benefits of each web agency
  • Recommendations for vendor selection process (final decision complimented by scorecards)
  • Generation of project plan and implementation monitoring
  • Setup and participation in weekly calls between h2c, the hotel chain and the website agency
  • Review of website status during the programming phase and coordination of necessary changes
  • In-depth pre-live testing prior to go-live of the new hotel website


  • Identification of customer requirements and development of a RFP specification document including best practice industry insights
  • In-depth web agency benchmark analysis
  • Presentation including key findings and recommendations
  • Project Management and implementation services