Case Studies

Type of project: PMS RFP

Supporting 25hours Hotels’ PMS Vendor Selection Process


25hours hotels are design hotels, inspired by the spirit of our times: sexy, innovative, cosmopolitan, unique, charismatic, a little crazy, and locally connected. Today, 25hours hotels operates seven hotels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with several new openings planned across Europe over the next few years. H2c helped with the generation of 25hours hotels’ Property Management System RFP documentation, provided guidance during the course of the RFP process and supported the decision-making process for the most appropriate vendor.



As 25hours hotels is growing, we require technology that supports our strategy. With h2c, we were able to streamline our PMS (property management system) requirements and identify the optimal vendor company.

h2c is a valuable partner with an unbiased view of the industry. 

Lena Neitzel, Project Manager Hotelsoftware


Although 25hours Hotels was satisfied with its employed PMS, the company was unsure if it was not missing out business opportunities, ensuring highest guest satisfaction levels and making operational process more efficient on the other hand.

  1. Ensure that 25hours hotels’ future PMS solution is capable of handling significant property expansion plans over the next years.
  2. Demonstrate strong competitiveness in a dynamic marketplace, with constantly changing customer behavior and rapidly evolving technologies.
  3. Improve CRM by maintaining a high level of system integration and data mining in order to provide guests with personalized products and services.
  • Review of 25hours hotels’ system landscape.
  • Joint definition of the PMS solution’s key requirements.
  • Coordination and support of the RFP process, generation of RFP specification documents, handling of vendor questions, and evaluation of proposals.
  • Structured comparison of PMS provider capabilities and costs.
  • Comprehensive overview/insights on product innovations from new market entrants.
  • Evaluation results showed that an update of the employed PMS (including cloud services) is the best solution for 25hours hotels. The decision was driven by state-of-the-art technology, combined with a favorable total cost of ownership structure.
  • As all hotels will be switched to the cloud solution, the whole set-up and usage of functionalities can be improved.
  • Specific PMS developments required in future (e.g., revenue management system interface) were contractually fixed.