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Type of project: CONTTESSA

Conttessa eases TIME Hotels’ content management process


TIME Hotels was founded in Dubai in the year 2012 and is managed by a team of experienced professionals. Through our superb collection of hotels, serviced apartments and residences, TIME Hotels brings a refreshing approach to the standard upscale lodging experience with energetic, hands-on leadership and proactive but always respectful service. Combining the talents of highly experienced individuals from across the world, the multicultural team at TIME Hotels is dedicated to providing first-class hospitality services for business and leisure guests. Whether you are a hotel guest, an owner of one of our properties, a trusted supplier, or a member of our team, TIME Hotels is the name set to brighten your world. Over the past years, h2c has supported TIME Hotels in optimizing their distribution strategy, including two Request for Proposal processes for a new Website and a Central Reservations System (CRS). In 2019, six properties were onboarded to Conttessa, h2c’s static content management platform.



Working with Conttessa for a year now as our central tool for handling content management have done a lot of benefits for us. TIME Hotels as multiple hotel properties was able to afford to save time since its one system application distributing to platforms whether it maybe a new information or amendment to load. As property content signifies a very sensitive and important role to online visibility and rankings, we have Conttessa as our solution to support us in maintaining accuracy, 100% score and even content parity as well. In timely situation like Covid-19, where a lot of changes is happening to OTA as to changes of requirement or guidelines, Conttessa team has always been there to remind us with new updates time to time and all we need to do is to do a one click and they do the rest of implementation and review needed. Indeed, a good helping hand and reliable content tool for hoteliers.

Eddie Ignatius, Corporate Director of Quality & Business Excellence


TIME Hotel’s goal is the optimal hotel presentation on relevant OTAs and metasearch engines. Since guest expectations are based on the online information provided, content must not only be appealing but also fully correct in terms of hotel features and services. Any deviations from the guest’s expectations can easily lead to negative guest reviews.

Smart content is a further objective to ensure a flawless booking process without confusing the traveler. Due to the fact that some online intermediaries regularly update their static criteria without notifying the hotels, timely content changes have become a necessity. TIME Hotels has therefore implemented a continuous monitoring process which automatically informs hotels about newly added criteria that might require adjustments.

  • Content management is very time consuming and faces ever increasing complexities.
  • Fresh content requires immediate action with every new information input; this also prevents a potential OTA Content Score drop. With new COVID-19 hygiene, security and sustainability criteria being added weekly, content has a major impact on conversion.
  • Weak OTA extranet usability and lengthy login procedures.

Onboarding Process
TIME Hotels’ central operations manages five distribution channels (Booking, Expedia, Agoda, HotelsCombined and Google My Business) per property via Conttessa. Onboarding starts with each hotel’s data loading on Conttessa, followed by h2c’s initial checks, which measure the Content Quality Score of the employed OTA channels. All content parity errors are then communicated to the participating property. Upon the hotel’s feedback, h2c resolves all imparities, resulting in a total average Content Quality Score of 100%. In a next step, the actual data per channel is uploaded to Conttessa, highlighting any remaining disparities. Upon the hotels’ approval, these disparities are automatically implemented on all connected channels. Maintaining content parity has become easier than ever thanks to h2c’s recent onboarding process upgrade, which enables hotels to save even more time.

Automated Content Management
With each introduction of new content criteria on an employed OTA’s extranet (i.e., the request for additional hotel information or updates), Conttessa automatically informs the hotel about the change. These alerts enable the hotel to make timely content updates, instantly assuring fresh content.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, new health and safety criteria were added continuously, which triggered daily reviews by h2c. Based on TIME Hotels’ employed channels, 20 new criteria on average are currently added or updated per month. If a new criterion exists on one of the employed channels, Conttessa distributes the information to all other connected channels, thus, saving the hotels valuable time.

The completely automated content management process also ensures that OTA Content Scores are regularly reviewed and reach 100%.


Conttessa has significantly eased TIME Hotels’ content management process, making it more agile to meet today’s rapidly changing travel conditions. As a result, all connected distribution channels of each property are in full content parity across all OTAs. Using one system (single point of entry) enables hotels to reach content opportunity gains. For example, fresh COVID-induced content can be a competitive advantage, especially when travelers search for a safe stay.

Achievements at-a-glance

  • 100% OTA Content Score achieved across all employed channels
  • Room criteria can be managed with a single click for multiple room types
  • Accelerated content management process/time savings for managing 5,000 – 8,000 change logs per year
  • Major cost savings, ranging from 100 – 180 % ROI