Download Now: Automated Personalization Study Report

Given the time of significant change for our industry, it is more important than ever that hotels invest in technologies that fit their strategy to remain competitive. The implementation of Automated Personalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) vary to a large extent for various reasons. More than 60% of hotel chains intend to apply a One-to-One Marketing approach in the future, while 32% do not have a focus on personalized marketing strategies. This is only one trend among many others identified.

The impetus for this study is based on the increasing digitalization and the development of automatization. Simultaneously, it becomes more important to treat guests individually. Many hotel chains are still struggling to employ the right technologies for achieving this goal. H2c’s study results shall help to better understand the hotel chains’ requirements, challenges and goals, enabling our industry and specifically vendor companies, to identify functionality and service gaps in order to prioritize their developments. For hotel chains, h2c’s research highlights untapped innovation areas with the potential to improve competitiveness and stand out from the crowd.

The report highlighting key findings of h2c’s Global Automated Personalization study can be downloaded here.