Fresh Static Content Builds Confidence


Turning lookers into bookers more than ever means keeping health & safety and other COVID-related travel information up-to-date, meeting the demand of today’s guests.

h2c’s content management tool improves the descriptive content quality of OTA, metasearch and review websites via a single point of entry database. While Conttessa features the world’s largest scope of hotel content in one system (up to 8,000 criteria for 2 room types and more criteria when adding room types), it can save you time and money.

For example, communicating the reopening of a facility/gym across 10 distribution channels requires about 90 minutes of your staff’s time per property. Conttessa handles this in 3 minutes. Not only hotel chains’ head offices can significantly free up resources when multiple properties come to play for the same change. Based on our client data, an average hotel generates around 8,000 change logs (single change process per extranet) per year, which shows how “dynamic” static content actually is!

This ROI calculation shows how you can benefit from Conttessa.


In order to maintain top quality content, the hotel must consider the following when making extranet changes:

  • Regular checks are required to determine whether changes are necessary
  • The implementation of changes must be done in a timely manner
  • Each channel must have the same content (keeping in mind various extranet logins, GUIs, logics, and terminology)

Parameters influencing the number of potential changes:

  • No. of room types
  • No. of distribution channels
  • No. of hotel / facility / restaurant features, etc.
  • Complexity of extranet

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