Important decisions require a solid information base and a reliable outlook into the future. H2c’s customized hotel research helps you define and implement the right business strategies that are essential to gain competitive advantage. 

For many years, hospitality, tourism and travel technology companies rely on h2c’s broad range of primary and secondary research services, which cover the following areas (excerpt): 

  • Hotel market research including market sizing, segmentation and distribution mix by country/region
  • Hospitality technology employment, developments and trends (e.g., Internet booking engines, CRS, Channel Managers, PMS, CRM, etc.)
  • Distribution system benchmarks


  • Gain a better understanding of market characteristics and trends
  • Identify and strengthen your market positioning versus your competition
  • Keep informed about key technologies and market players from the demand and supply side
  • Promote your organization as a though leader, e.g., via sponsored white papers


2024 Hotel Direct Booking Acceleration Study
Our current study looks at direct booking strategies and tactics, as well as emerging trends.

2023 Digital Hotel Operations Advancing the Customer Experience
The focus of our 2023 study is the digitalization of hotel operations and the required smart systems for the best customer experience.

2022 Hospitality Distribution Study
Future distribution management and required tech stack systems are analyzed in our 2022 study.

2021 Automated Personalization Study
What is the status of Automated Personalization in the hospitality industry? This question was the main impetus for our 2021 study.

2020 IBE & Metasearch Study
What are the decision driving factors of hotels acquiring a new Internet Booking Engine? One of the many questions answered in our Global Study.

2019 CRM Study
CRM is more than e-mail communication. Find out more of our key findings in our publicly available report.

2018 PMS Study
In 2018 we analyzed the state of the PMS Market. Do market dynamics call for a PMS strategy change?

2017 CRS Study
In our first study we looked at the CRS Market, required CRS functionalities, integration capabilities, challenges and benefits of employing a CRS solution.

Phocuswright Partnership
Benefit from h2c’s research partnership with Phocuswright, which delivers high-quality and most recent data on travel and hospitality markets worldwide.