Case Studies

Type of project: CONTTESSA

Conttessa saves Penta Hotels time and efforts


Penta Hotels Worldwide GmbH, with its central office in Frankfurt, operates 23 hotels worldwide. With 22 properties in Europe (9 in Germany) and one in Moscow, Europe is the chain’s main market. Penta Hotels represent a new generation of neighborhood lifestyle hotels offering modern-minded individuals and business travelers comfort and style in a relaxed atmosphere. Known for its unique interior design and attitude, the lifestyle brand stands for true innovation in the industry’s upper-midscale segment. Many successful projects, such as monitoring penta’s ORM processes, have been realized by h2c. Penta Hotels was the first client on h2c’s static content management platform Conttessa. Since then 26 properties have been onboarded.



Conttessa simplifies the management of the content significantly for us. Instead of having to check each Extranet individually and on a regular basis, we now can manage everything with a single tool and automatically get updates if new criteria need to be checked. The timesaving aspect is crucial and content parity can be held without having to invest much effort. On top of that, the easy handling of the tool makes it immensely convenient, as we do not have time for complicated tools and processes in our busy work lives. We warmly recommend the Conttessa tool and are pleased with the friendly and professional service h2c offers.

Séverine Kaiser, E-Commerce Manager


Pentahotels’ goal is the optimal presentation of the hotels on relevant OTAs, metasearch engines and rating portals. Correct and appealing content contributes to the satisfaction of the guests, since expectations of the product and the service coincide with the hotels’ features and services. In addition, content has a decisive influence on the booking opportunities. As channels update their static criteria regularly without notifying the hotels, a steady monitoring of the respective channels is needed to inform hotels about newly added criteria.


Manual content reviews and adjustments to distribution channel extranets are very time-consuming tasks that require specialized knowhow and discipline for scheduling regular checks. Especially OTA extranet/backend changes without prior notification pose a challenge for the responsible department and, in some cases, can lead to an OTA Content Score drop.


Onboarding process
pentahotels operates centrally. Up to 12 distribution channels per property are managed via Conttessa. A different set of channels per hotel is possible. The onboarding of hotels started with the loading of hotel information on Conttessa. After data loading by the hotels, h2c’s initial checks measured the Content Quality Score of the employed OTA channels and communicated all content parity errors to the participating pentahotels properties. Upon their feedback, h2c was able to resolve all imparities, resulting in a total average Content Quality Score of 100%.

Automated Content Updates
With the appearance of new content criteria on an employed OTA channel’s extranet (i.e., the request for additional hotel information), h2c automatically informs the hotel in order to ensure timely content updates. This process is entirely handled via the Conttessa platform. OTAs request new content entries every 2-3 months. Based on the channels that are used by pentahotels today, an average of 20 new criteria per month are added. However, not all new criteria require updates by the hotel as there are some overlaps between the employed OTAs, thus saving the hotels valuable time. OTA Content Scores are reviewed regularly by h2c.


Conttessa has significantly eased and sped up content management for the connected distribution channels, resulting in full content parity across all OTAs and properties. By using only one system, content opportunities arise e.g., necessary content adjustments, triggered by OTA backend changes, can be made very rapidly. A 100% Content Score on OTAs featuring this metric is assured.

Major time savings are achieved via automation e.g., Room criteria can be filled out for several room types with a single click. Adding a renovation or facility closure notice (as this was necessary for some properties during COVID-19) on 10 distribution channels would take about 90 minutes for just one property opposing to 3 minutes when using Conttessa. Therefore, using Conttessa frees up to 97% resources.